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IT n°045 : Nin clan vs Charged Brigad [Victoire]

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IT n°045 : Nin clan vs Charged Brigad [Victoire]

Message par NinYoda1 le Ven 25 Juil 2014 - 9:48

France Nin vs ¢β  USA

Extrait du reglement MKBL:
II. Mii Names
a. Your clan tag needs to be placed at the beginning or end of your Mii name. It must be CLEAR and LEGIBLE.
im Player
Player im

b. Tags must be similar to those being used by other teammates.
c. Names being used by a member may not be that of another registered name from the team he or she is registered to or the team they are playing.
d. Players must not use the same mii name as another player playing in the war.
e. Any of the above rules broken result in a -15 point penalty. The penalty will not count for every gp separately but will apply to every member breaking said rule.
f. Due to the initial lag of changing Mii's online using the quick-change trick, players are not to be penalized for incorrect tags during the first one or two initial races. If the Mii does not correctly display by the end of the first GP, they will incur -15 point penalty per player.
a) If the room must be restarted before the first GP is completed, the player is not to be penalized

Nous contestons donc le fait qu'un joueur n'a pas de pseudo, à part le tag il est clairement non-identifiable. joueur prevenu sur les 3 GPs


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Re: IT n°045 : Nin clan vs Charged Brigad [Victoire]

Message par PyraxMK8 le Ven 25 Juil 2014 - 13:31

GG la ça fait plaisir

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